SCUTREA - CRLL Conference 2013

We are delighted to make available electronic copies of the conference papers for the forthcoming conference at Glasgow.  Additional materials will be posted either during or soon after the conference as a record. 


Recognising prior learning in NHS Scotland


Learning English as a Second Language for Transformation

Dilemmas in mobilizing adult education programs: a reflexive exploration of program renewal in the context of disciplinary crisis

The Invisible becomes visible:  Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Online Learning Environment

Academic practices: Mapping the curriculum framework tendencies of Australian Youth Work training. Does training follow industry or government policy trends? 

Anthony Brown 
Teachers on film: exploring the representations of teaching in popular cinema

Michael Brown
Transitioning to a low carbon economy: stakeholder perspectives on the demand for ‘skills for sustainability

Mike Brown, Deb Brown and Mary Burston
Learning from the 2009 Victorian bushfires: the learning dimension associated with bushfire recovery in the Latrobe Valley, Australia

Adrienne Burk
Great Expectations: Embracing Challenges of Transnational Classrooms
Community university engagement and the politics of redistribution, recognition and participation


Kira Clarke

Building Foundations for Youth in transition: How effective are Australian senior secondary certificates of Education in Facilitating access to further Education and Training?


Using online tools in the conduct of research in the education of adults: a methodological round table

Karin Dollhausen
Institutional Mobility: The Role of Higher Education Institutions as providers of Adult Education

Developing sustainable competences through the whole professional life



Contemporary adult education: still a social movement?

Researching adult education history: current position, future prospects

John Fitzgibbon Our Evolving Understanding of Student Mobility in British Columbia


Institutional Relations in an Age of Mobility: Implications for the Assessment of Immigrant Professionals’ Skills

Mobilizing sexual and gender minorities in mainstream lifelong learning: bolstering social learning

I’m Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor: Transitioning Adult Education Departments into Faculties of Education


Anne Harley
Learning from each other: Universities and social movements in dialogue

Allison Hennessy, Graham Connelly and Ruth Whittaker
Recognition of prior learning and looked after young people

Higher Education: Means of Transitioning to Better Futures

Steven Hodge and Roger Harris
W(h)ither adult and community education: Is ACE being trumped by VET?

Using Social media spaces within the Feminist movement Hollaback: Slacktivism or successful adult learning?


Robert Ingram and Jim Gallagher
Short-Cycle Higher Education Programmes in the context of 21st Century Labour Markets: Ensuring that they are effective


Marginalised entrants to Higher Education? Redressing the balance through Access to Higher Education

Public pedagogy and the superheroes of 2012

Boundaries Blurred and Reconceived: How Popular Culture Functions Pedagogically Across Borders


Moving Forward by Stepping Back: Elder Faculty Speak Out 

Buratin Khampirat
Test of Measurement Invariance of Graduate Skill Evaluation Model for Thai Higher Education Institution


The Thumbless hand, the dog and the chameleon: enriching social movement learning theory through epistemically grounded narratives emerging from a participatory action research case study in Ghana


Discussant Patricia Gouthro
Transitions without institutions: a symposium on self-help literature as a contested site of adult learning

Activity-based instructional design to enhance student mobility

Don Mackie  I’m Different – Same as everyone else:  Hidden barriers to transition at different stages of learning

Managing difference and diversity in higher education: the limitations of widening participation discourses


Critical traditions in Canadian adult education: Social movements, university scholarship and discursive transitions



Teaching across the generations:  The adult learning environment and generational diversity

Communities of practice for PhD study in ‘developing country’ contexts: mobile learning across borders


Time travel: mobilities and transitions from an Irish LGBTQ higher education perspective



Global Economic Trends and Academic Mobility: voices from the United Arab Emirates

The Media & Communications Institute: learning to tell our own stories

Mapping the Pathway of Continuous Learning for Engineers in China: An Institutional Ethnographic Study

Negotiating differences and distinctions: Chinese immigrant engineers in Canada
Collaboration or Integration: Institutional responses to changing tertiary policy in three countries
University students and their working pathways

Ann Swinney
Policy discourses in Scotland: adult literacy and social exclusion


Literacy skills, the OECD’s International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and the economic discourse

Shaping critical discussions for female college students with learning exceptionalities in transition: analyzing films, graphic novels, and avatars




Normal and risky transitions: the role of education, social capital and gender in skilled migration

Ruth Whittaker, Julie Brown and Heather Gibson
Challenging practices in recognition of prior informal learning in Scottish Higher Education: Supporting more flexible learning pathways

Painting us in: using diverse ethnography and art participatory approaches to invite engagement